There are several possibilities to spend the weekend in Werdohl. We could help you by the planning. It is very important that you let us know with the registration form whether we can reserve an area for you to camp or a gym.

Campground on site

It is possible to pitch your tents on site.

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We have reserved the playground for caravans and campers. Please note that there is a charge of €5.00 per night for caravans and campers.

Accommodation in a gym

In Werdohl we have several gymnasiums, which we have reserved for our guests.

Accommodation in a youth hostel

In the near area of Werdohl we have some youth hostel:

Jugendherberge Burg Altena (Distance approx. 12 km / 7,5 miles)
Jugendherberge Sorpesee (Distance approx. 23 km / 14 miles)
Jugendherberge Glörsee  (Distance approx. 28 km / 17 miles)

Accommodation at AquaMagis Base-Camp

The AquaMagis adventure pool in Plettenberg offers a base-camp for overnight stays (distance approx. 16 km / 10 miles).